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Modem Blaster V92 DE5621 External (Serial Port)

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Modem Blaster® V.92 Serial is an easy to use external modem that provides the latest technology and everything that you need to get connected to your ISP. Complete V.92 feature support improves web surfing, searching, and sending speeds making your 56K connection faster. Using the Internet is also more convenient with shorter dial-up times and the ability to pause your Internet connection to use the phone. And because Modem Blaster V.92 Serial is controller based, it frees CPU resources to offer the very best online PC performance. With Modem Blaster V.92 Serial, it¿s never been easier to join the world of online entertainment

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Great hardware . I don't know what the first reviewer was doing with this modem, but in all of the testing I've done with it, none of his words apply to this great modem.Connection: I've easily been able to stay connected to this modem for as long as I want. In fact, the only times I have been disconnected is when I myself disconnected or turned off the modem. If you want me to be blunt, I could probably keep this modem connected for days. The speed the modem provided was also at its peak during all times.Hardware: The modem itself is rather small and compact, with a lot of signal lights to keep you notified of your connectivity, it has nine lights. It comes with a serial connecter, so all you need is an open serial port.Installation: I tested this modem on two operating systems, Windows and two distributions of Linux, Mandrake and Slackware. Both installations went fine and without problems. The drivers are only for Windows, but on both systems, you can install the modem by yourself if you have some computer knowledge. In Windows, simply install the drivers and connect normally. In Linux, simply choose the serial port the modem is connected to and connect normally.Basically this modem is at the peak of technology in its category. I would always pick broadband over dialup, but for those of you who do not have broadband available, or simply don't want it, this modem is right for you.
Modem Blaster V92 DE5621 External (Serial Port) Reviews
Works great with SuSE Linux . I bought this modem because I couldn't find a Linux driver for my PCI modem. Since this a hardware modem it should work with most OSes. I wasn't disappointed. Setup was a breeze under YaST. All I had to do was select the modem from a list modems that was found by the system and I was done! The modem connected on first try and not once was it disconnected.
Modem Blaster V92 DE5621 External (Serial Port) Opinions
Caller ID Didn't Work - Everything Else Was Fine . I bought this modem because it was a controller-based modem (so I could use it with Windows OR Linux, not just Windows). It was serial-port connected, so easy to set up. Also, it has (so Creative says) Caller ID and Caller ID with Call-Waiting functionality. The only thing I couldn't find advertised about it was whether it had Distinctive Ring capability. However, I've had an older v90 internal ModemBlaster that's done me well, so I hoped...Well, after setting up the modem, I started testing its functionality. It worked great for connecting. It received faxes with no problem. It DOES do Distinctive Ring, and worked perfectly. However - no Caller ID information would display!After finding nothing enlightening on Creative's web site (they didn't even have the AT command for Caller ID listed in their AT Command Set documents), I contacted Creative's tech support, who acted like I knew nothing - even though I had put in that I was an "Advanced PC User" (I've done PC tech support for over 11 years, which has included lots of experience with various modems.)They insisted that if I had typed the commands correctly (AT+VCID=1), then the problem lay solely with my computer or the phone line. He did suggest that I could try AT+VCID=2, which is the unformatted version of Caller ID (and which displays something at least even if the phone line is noisy). I tried that, moved the modem to different computers, and attached different phone line segments to make sure there was no line noise. I also tried my v90 internal ModemBlaster in the same places. The v90 worked fine (including Caller ID) - but although everything else worked fine on the DE5621 in each of the places and ways I tested, it just would not do Caller ID.After searching on the web for reviews that mentioned Caller ID for this modem, I found only one. It was only one line, with no details, and said "This modem does not have Caller ID as advertised". I can definitely say that the one *I* bought doesn't have Caller ID as advertised. I will be returning it and looking for another brand. Creative may do great sound cards, but I don't trust their modems - and their tech support is terrible.
Works Well With Linux . I live in Internet Siberia and bought this to hook up a network of 5 machines.

I tried this on a Windows XP system using the provided software, then updated from Creative web site (there is an xp driver). The thing would connect and work good for about 3 minutes and then it would stop responding. It would not disconnect/reconnect automatically. Disconnecting manually (using the windows icon) and reconnecting would take an unreasonable amount of time. So it is nerve-racking. There was never a time it would work for more than 3 mintues.

After a week of searching for answers (there are plenty of other people that have the same issue with this modem) I pulled it and stuck it on a Linux machine. The modem now works perfectly. I have to say that the Windows driver/software is half-baked junk but the device itself is a good buy.

Cons Review
It won't let me give it less than one star. . Stay far away from this modem. It drops your connection about 5 times an hour. Then when reconnecting it may take you 15 trys before you actually get connected. Then to top it off, the speeds are the slowest I've found. After working as a tech support person for an ISP for years, I've figured I've seen bad modems in my time, but this one is the worst. You would be better off using tin cans and string

Feature Modem Blaster V92 DE5621 External (Serial Port)

  • V.44 compression is designed specifically for the Internet to provide faster access to Web pages and maximizes the efficiency of data retrieval
  • QuickConnect shortens the connection time to the Internet by remembering the connection dialog with your ISP on the first call - making subsequent connections in half the time
  • Modem-on-Hold allows you to place outgoing or receive incoming phone calls when you are on the Internet without disrupting your Internet connection
  • PCM Upstream supports an upstream rate of up to 48 Kbps, dramatically reducing the upload time of data files and email attachments

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EAN : 0756296056213
UPC : 756296056213
MPN : 7000000003080
Brand : Creative
Weight : 2 pounds
Height : 3 inches
Length : 11 inches
Width : 7 inches
Binding : Personal Computers
Manufacturer : Creative
Model : 7000000003080
Publisher : Creative
SKU : DHDE5621
Studio : Creative

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